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TOPX Network for women in life sciences

Vanessa Parrein, Managing Partner and Owner of Sillar Clinical, is speaking at the TOPX Network session 'Empower your career - a female perspective'.

TOPX and BCF Career Event Belgium will jointly host TOPX Network Drinks for women in life sciences. Join this great networking opportunity, make valuable connections and open doors to new opportunities. This session is started with a keynote speech, panel discussion, followed by networking drinks. Participation is free of charge for TOPX members and BCF Career Event participants if you register before November 1st.

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About TOPX


Female professionals make up a big part of the workforce and talent pool in Life Sciences. But the higher you get to the top of organisations, the fewer women you will find. Many of us in the Life Sciences sector feel this should change because we collectively believe that a more diverse and inclusive top will improve the performance of organisations! That is why we launched TOPX Network - the Platform for ambitious women in Life Sciences.

TOPX Network aims to create a unique and valuable network for ambitious women in Life Sciences. Our mission is to support and encourage our members in their personal growth and development and empower them to take on leadership roles. So, they reach the top of their career, as well as the top of the sector!

Our network features inspiring, strong and successful women who seek advancement in leadership, management or entrepreneurial roles in industry and academia in Life Sciences. Furthermore, we also welcome top women who already made it to the top (of their career and sector) to share their experience with the younger generations.

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About BCF Career Event


BCF Career is the career platform that aims to help move your career forward in Life Sciences, whether you are a student, a starter or an experienced professional with a proven track-record. The website offers you year-round career information, through career articles, blogs, tips & tools, vacancies, employer profiles and sector news. The content is often written by professionals working or studying in the sector, so first-hand information from your peers.

Besides the online career information, BCF Career also organises career events and courses under the brands BCF Career Event and BCF Courses. Via our events and courses you can gain new insights and new connections. We focus on professionals with an educational background and/or work experience in biotechnology, chemistry, food and/or pharma.

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